What my clients say…

She really helps you understand the blocks that you are putting in front of yourself”

Sagina is an outstanding coach, she really helps you understand the blocks that you are putting in front of yourself and allows you to explore and grow in a really positive way. She has a calm, soothing manner, that makes you feel heard and valued. The sessions really allowed me to talk openly and really gave me a true perspective on my career. Sagina is thorough and approachable and I found myself really opening up to her.  She understands the ins and outs of working in a media career and for me that added credibility and an understanding that I could relate to. She is an absolute legend and I'd recommend her to anyone. Coaching is so important and if you are thinking of being coached then there isn't anyone better than Sagina. Simon Wright – Head of Talent, UKTV


“This has helped me to create and define life goals”

My sessions with Sagina have been amazing! I found the process to be particularly efficient, with Sagina’s help I finally have a forum to engage with the many dilemmas and challenges that life throws at me. This has helped me to create and define life goals as well as a mind map of how I intend to get there. As a life coach Sagina is both encouraging and engaging and I always leave her sessions feeling energised and focused. Kelly Hughes - Legal & Business Affairs Assistant, Channel 4 Television

“Instead of facing a mid-life/mid-career crisis, I’m excited about what’s to come.”

For busy professional people like me, it’s very easy for time to slip past before you realise that you’re stuck in a professional rut, having drifted away from whatever goals and objectives you’d set for yourself personally and professionally and unable to find a way out of the maze. That was the situation I found myself in last year. I was employed full time in a good job but frustrated. Full of ideas and extracurricular passions but unsure how to turn them into income so I turned to Sagina’s career coaching services in an effort to refocus my efforts and get honest about what my strengths and weaknesses are. 

The sessions provided a safe space in which I could speak freely while Sagina listened and made notes. Once we ran through all of the items that Sagina observed, we were able to pinpoint my next logical steps and create an action plan in a realistic time frame that would bring me closer to what I wanted and where I needed to be. I cannot thank Sagina enough for the wonderfully insightful and beautifully worded encouragement she gave me. I am embarking on a next part of my life now and instead of facing a mid-life/mid-career crisis, I’m excited about what’s to come. Sarah Asante – Digital Content Editor, BBC


“My life itself has been transformed in subtle but profound ways”

When I first started working with Sagina, I knew I needed a change in both my personal and work life, but didn’t know how to do it. I didn’t have the confidence or know what practical steps I could take to change the direction of things.

Working with Sagina changed all of this – she changed the way I think when I want to achieve a goal. Sagina’s style is very organised and her strength is that she lets you make the discoveries and observations for yourself. She allows you to break through barriers by remaining encouraging, sympathetic but pragmatic. I first came to Sagina hoping to get some direction in my career, but within a short space of time, my life itself has been transformed in subtle but profound ways. I couldn’t recommend Sagina more highly. Especially to anyone wanting to make lasting changes in various areas of their life. Abdi Alin – HR Officer, Lewis Silkin

“Really helpful not only in my career but also in my personal life too”


I found my coaching sessions with Sagina really helpful not only in my career but also in my personal life too. The sessions guided me to figure out what my key priorities were which enabled me to focus on what was important and make some big life changing decisions based on this information. Sagina never imposed her thoughts or opinions but would listen and helped steer me to draw my own conclusions. Her warm and genuine approach put me at ease so it was easy to talk openly without fear of being judged or misunderstood and she was always available if I needed ad-hoc advice. Since the coaching I have felt more confident to take control of my own path and I am very happy to recommend her coaching. Sophia Rehman, Account Director


“60 Minute Career Coach workshop training can definitely get you to stand out professionally”

Sagina is  a creative and  insightful coach she really delivered, with a fresh and exciting approach to self branding and interview techniques. I was able to absorb a lot of information from her training, since she was able to keep the room engaged, the session enjoyable and she was relatable to me as a young professional. The skill to effectively market yourself will distinguish you from the rest in the pack, and the 60 Minute Career Coach workshop training can definitely get you to stand out professionally. Shashiharan Senthan

“She was able to help me find solutions, gain direction and rid anxieties”  


I used Sagina as a coach when I was going on maternity leave. She was able to help me find solutions within myself, gain direction when I felt lost and rid any anxieties I had at the time about my upcoming life changes. I was impressed by her ability to deal with a range of matters whether personal, professional, financial or social. She has a great conversational style which makes her approachable yet remained professional at the same time. I found my sessions with Sagina very useful and would recommend her. Alicia Virtue - HR Advisor, BNY Mellon


"Sagina is an amazing coach and her input to the team was important"

On setting up my juice cleanse business, Sagina's participation was invaluable at each stage and especially with my clients, who were impressed, as was I with her intelligence, calm demeanour and professional style. Sagina is an amazing coach and her input to the team was important, I would highly recommend her and most definitely use her services again. Carol-anne Turner - Founder - The London Body Cleanse.

"I love how you make me feel empowered"

Just want to say thank you for your general brilliance. I love how you make me feel empowered and just when i think i have run out of options you open the door to yet another world of opportunity. Frankie Singler - Freelance TV & Film Executive

"I have a better feeling for my future career"

Sagina is a great coach. I attended her workshop whereby she helped me to create my personal brand to get a better understanding about my self, my skills and how to reach out to my connections to get a better career. As a career coach, Sagina is encouraging and very helpful for a beginner like me. She is not just talking about self branding but she also helped me to build a better LinkedIn profile to look professional. After the coaching session with her I have a better feeling for my future career. I highly recommend her to anyone that needs a better understanding about your personal brand and help for your future career. Hilda Liebertus - Graduate Student

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