Career Coaching

Coaching involves transformation and it is a collaborative process between a coach and client. Coaching is an action oriented conversation that gets a client to focus on goal-based objectives. It's not therapy. It’s not counselling. Both of these disciplines delve into your past. Coaching on the other hand is a method that focuses on the now, the present and moving a client forward.

What can I expect from a 60 minute coaching session?

Sagina Shabaya is a highly collaborative and dynamic Career Coach. She specialises in helping women in business and millennials to achieve their career goals, to enhance their performance and to find vision, clarity and direction in their career development. Her one-to-one 60 minute coaching sessions provide a safe and non-judgmental space where her clients are intently listened to whilst being challenged when required. She brings positivity and clarity to the sessions whilst using an informal yet professional approach to get the best from her clients.


Find clarity in coaching

Sagina uses probing and thought provoking questions, tools and exercises to facilitate her clients understanding of their thinking patterns, behaviour, current situation and career aspirations. Think of it as a personal training session for the mind. Sagina has coached professionals from a variety of backgrounds including the media, finance, legal, fashion and charity sectors, as well as entrepreneurs, writers and business owners.

Where do the coaching sessions take place?  

One-to-one coaching sessions take place at private members club Shoreditch House. Sagina also coaches clients via Skype or by telephone.


What are the benefits of coaching?

  • Helps you find direction, set goals and move forward

  • Boosts your confidence

  • Shed the limiting beliefs that hold you back

  • Take action and change your life

  • Managing stress

  • Increase your earning potential

  • Career progression

  • Clear your mind and get some Headspace

To find out more or book a session: Contact Sagina